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Guru Recommended #1: Dosh “The Easiest Way To Save Money”

Dosh “The Easiest Way To Save Money”

Today, let’s start this series with one of my favorite services you can immediately benefit from in your day-to-day life. Dosh, recently featured on CNET is one of the fastest growing apps that finds cash for consumers. Is the fastest way to save money and get instant cashback at places you already shop at! The cool part it’s FREE to sign up and you receive $5 instantly just for linking your debit card or credit card to track rebates!

How Dosh Works Is Super Simple “Link your cards Live your Life! Get Cashback!

As a Dosh users you get instant cash back for more than 100k businesses, restaurants, retail stores, hotels and more nationwide.  THIS IS A NO HASSLE CASHBACK PROGRAM. JUST STRAIGHT UP CASH TRANSFERRED DIRECTLY INTO YOUR BANK ACCOUNT, PAYPAL  OR YOUR FAVORITE CHARITY!!!
Connect your credit & debit cards to the Dosh cash back app. Use them everywhere offers are available in-store or online and get cash back, Automatically. No UPC scanning
  • No receipt photos
  • No mail-in rebates
  • No promo codes
  • No in-store fumbling
I’m a big advocate of purpose driven companies and Dosh’s mission is to positively impact millions of people’s lives financially by putting extra cash back into their pockets. I love this! I’m personally a user of this app as a “Savings Engine” for my Accountability Coaching and Business Strategy Development clients. So I highly recommend you sign up for Dosh today for FREE! It takes less then 5 minutes setup to make $5 to start out saving at places you already use.

FUN FACT: The word “Dosh” is the British slang word for “Money”

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