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The S.M.A.R.T. Theory...

16 years ago Shawn Ryan Randleman stumble upon a simple theory of Accountability he called "The S.M.A.R.T. Concepts". SM.A.R.T. which he defines as Successful-Motivation-Attitude-Realistically-Thinking method is the key principles of true work-life balance. In his theory on “How to create an work-life balance?" theirs 5 core principles:


Successful professionals breed successful professionals. You must adjust your environment & audience in order to obtain maximum success.


Motivation give you the energy to create purpose driven ideas which can change the world. You must learn how to keep yourself motivated no matter whats happening in life.


Attitude is your first and forever lasting impression towards everything you do in life. You can not move forward without a positive forward moving attitude in life.


Realistically you must continuously evaluate your efforts vs committed action vs real daily results.


Thinking only about this moment and what changes you can make right now, toward tomorrow's achievements. Remembering the past is done, the present is a gift unwrap it!

Webster-Oxford Definition of "Smart"...