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“Your Non-profit Leader Accountability Solutions"

We've spent over 10 years working with non-profit leaders, community workers, fundraising experts and even professors on the development of our S.M.A.R.T. Purpose Accountability Coaching Solutions. We began by researching successful charity leaders productivity habits and behavior patterns related towards accomplishing their goals. After also compiling data from years of great scholars in personal development & scientific human behavior. We’ve learned that non-profit coaching is an inquisitive process, whereby the non-profit coach inspires the leader to higher achievement by listening, and allowing the leader find his/her own answers in a safe, supportive environment specifically designed to maximize the leader’s ownership of the desired results. 
Our Purpose Coaches empower their clients to be introspective and achieve their goals through self-discovery and accountability. Purpose Coaches provide their clients with the skills and tools they need to solve problems for themselves. So like a sports coach, our Purpose Accountability Coach works on bringing out the best that's already inside you. In our Purpose Coaching solutions, we focus on the “bigger picture” of what it is you want to create for your non-profit organization (and your lifestyle), and talk about what will keep you motivated to move forward on your community impact, personal goals and operational tasks.

S.M.A.R.T. Purpose is designed to assist non-profit leaders with redefining their professional mindset toward achieving the next competitive level of charity-life balance. Our Purpose Coaches work with you on creating a customized professional measurable action plan for your charity-life balance. Providing you with over 300 proven professional development lessons which are scientifically matched to your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. Your coach conducts an in-depth analysis of your business-life responsibility and the consequences of decisions you take daily. It goes even further and defining how decisions and actions can effect others you care about and the world we all share.

What Does a Purpose Accountability Coach Work on with You?

- Accountability
- Action Planning
- Brainstorming
- Clarity
- Distraction
- Fear
- Focus
- Follow-up
- Implementation
- Limiting beliefs
- Motivation
- Overwhelm
- Purpose
- Self-sabotage
- Structure
- Time management
- Vision
Discover your peak performance levels. Create your life strategy plans to reinforce new habits & routines for success. Here’s how we assist you in this... 

Mind Essential Solutions

-Self-Performance Test
-Style of Learning
-Personality & Team Player Profit
-Needs and Motivation
-Listening Reading & Memory

Time and Goals Essential Solutions

 -How much time do you spend? Review
-Setting Priorities in Work-Life
-Looking Ahead Planning
-Delay, Procrastination, or Interruption
-Reflection Exercise 
-Health & Stress Management
-Work-Life Discussions
-Interest, Aptitudes, and Value Assessment 

Financial Essentials Solutions

-Lifetime Goal Assessment
-Budget Review 
-Debt Reduction Plan
-Building Credit History
-Creating Self-Managed Stock Portfolio
-Acquire Real Estates Portfolio
-Review & Establish Proper Insurance

Customize Learning Objective

 Over 300  customizable proven techniques and methods:
Critical thinking, creative problem solving, knowing how to learn, reasoning, mental visualization, responsibility, enthusiasm, positive attitude, self-management, self-control, integrity, character, civility, sociability, self-esteem and many more. 

Track Record of The Journey

All activities are log to track your progress. You will also conduct simple journal writing activity to help you focus on the visualization activity. Track your activities good or bad. 

Digital Performance Notebook

Performance Notebook help you read, reflect , and think critically. You are asked to observe, evaluate, and apply technique concepts to your life. Assist you in reflecting and thinking out critical life decisions 

Visualization to Actualization

This process is geared toward your self-improvement and helps you envision your success. A real actionable plan from a dream to reality

Performance Progress Review

Every goal has tactics in which you have to complete in order to obtain your goal. We track each tactic and the time it takes for you complete it. You must complete 70% of all tasks set in between session for maximum success.

The S.M.A.R.T. Purpose Accountability Difference…

M.I.S.S. Session

“M.I.S.S." or Milestone Implementation Strategy Solutions is a High-Impact Interactive 30 min Accountability Session for planning & customize lessons  for your unique lifestyle. All sessions are recorded for instant playback. We assign action tasks in each session which is tracked and can be set at the client’s request for geo-location reminder’s to any mobile device. So you will never miss a beat!

We’re here 12 hours per day, 6 days a week! Get a response to real life problems in under 5 minutes. Providing real-time work-life strategies during life’s unforeseen challenges. Offering you expert advice for a quick solution.


Our second biggest benefit is our Accountability-On-Demand service which gives you the ability to live chat or instant call your Accountability Coach from 8am-8pm eastern time Monday thru Saturday for immediate real-time assistance's during life’s challenges.

This focuses on using technology, computers and the internet. We show you how your professional, your personal life, and the world of work connect with technology. You get access to the latest accountability and leadership training email specifically at your level of growth.
The true benefit of having a S.M.A.R.T. Groupz Accountability Coach is you will create a fool-proof plan with a coach who will hold you accountable for your actions. Each coach supports you in materializing your professional career & lifestyle development outline while holding you accountable for your daily actions. We’ve develop a solutions with the latest personal & life development tactics. 

Our Accountability Coaching Solution Packages

Depending on your desirable intensity level, towards a more balanced lifestyle we offer 3 accountability solution packages....