Your Innovative Accountability Coaching Solution

Accountability Just Workz!

S.M.A.R.T. In Concepts is an Innovative Accountability Solution firm for professionals, solopreneurs, giga-workers, entrepreneurs, executives and leaders seeking maximum performance.  Using the latest technology and leadership methodology towards a balance work-life & lifestyle

SMART Workz | Accountability Solution for Solepreneurs & Freelancers

  • Personality Assessment
  • Behavior Assessment 
  • Skills & Talent Assessment 
  • Opportunities Assessment 
  • Strategic Purpose Plan (12 months)
  • Monthly, Weekly or Daily MISS (Milestone Implementation Strategic Solution) Session
  • Accountability-On-Demand (Virtually  Instead Accountabilty Coach)
  • SMART Lesson for Professionals

SMART Lesson Categories 

  • Learning Skills
  • Career Skills
  • Stress Management
  • Time Management
  • Communication Skills
  • Leadership Skills

Milestone Implementation Strategic Sessions (MISS)

Each session focuses on the immediate innovation or challenges your business faces monthly, weekly or daily. In each session milestones set with the resources, implementation plans and target completion date. Session’s are recorded for 24 hour access and all tasks managed based on a performance point system.

Accountability-On-Demand Session

1 | Thinking Skills— critical thinking, creative problem solving, knowing how to learn, reasoning, mental visualization

2 | Personal Qualities— responsibility, enthusiasm, positive attitude, self-management, self-control, integrity, character, civility, sociability, self-esteem

3 | Interpersonal Skills— teaches others, team member, leadership, works well with diverse groups, serves clients and customers

4 | Information—acquires, evaluates, organizes, maintains, and uses computers

5 | Systems— understands, monitors, corrects, designs, improves systems

6 | Resources— allocate time, money, material, people, and space

7 | Technology— selects, applies, maintains, and troubleshoots